I taught various courses in economics, statistics, data analytics and quantitative methods at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Some of the student feedback from my teaching evaluations:

"Great teacher. Truly cares about her students and is always positive and enthusiastic."

"Ozge is an excellent teacher, she is attentive to her students and provides (moral and pedagogical) support when needed!"

"Ozge has done an excellent job this term. All of the seminars conducted by her were well organised and engaging. She explained all the relevant concepts in a detailed and clear manner. She never shied away from explaining all our doubts. She even helped me, clear my doubts regarding further studies and career aspirations. Overall I am very satisfied by the quality of seminars run by her."

"I had Ozge in year 1 and it seemed no brainier to choose her seminar class in year 2. She has always been really helpful, and very clear in her reasoning which has helped a lot, especially for the tougher parts of the module."

"Ozge has been incredibly helpful in supporting and nurturing my learning over the last term, both within seminars and during her advice and feedback hours. In particular, when I went to the advice and feedback classes, she always came prepared and built upon the information that I gained during the lectures. In addition, when I had difficulties in my understanding of the material, she made sure that I understood every step in the process so that I not only understood one particular example but the topic as a whole."

"I really liked Ozge's seminars. Together with our input she very well explained complex systems in economics and answered all of the questions we had. Furthermore, it was very easy to contact her and she mostly came back to me within one day. If I had questions about something she either explained them accurately over email or in a teams call. She engaged a lot with students and motivated them through her teaching style, which I find very important."

"Ozge really helped when it comes to the math in the module, gave us enough time to think and is extremely prompt in answering queries."

"Ozge is really kind and helpful. She is explaining things from lectures, pre-class and in-class problem sheets in an engaging way. She is always willing to support us, by answering any of our questions in detail, in our seminars and in her free time."

"Ozge explains concepts quite clearly and encourages us to speak up. She also actively offers us support when needed. I really enjoyed being in her seminars this term."

"Ozge created a positive and comfortable learning space for learning. She also explained them well after and was happy to answer all further questions."